Priced by Size

Personal 8″ / Medium 12″ / Large 14″ / Jumbo 16″

Lombard Street

BBQ Chicken

Nob Hill

Garlic Alfredo Chicken

Little Italy

Spicy Ranch Combination



Fisherman’s Wharf

Shrimp & Crab on Alfredo

Treasure Island

Chicken & Bacon on Ranch

Gold Rush

Buffalo Chicken with Creamy Ranch

Garlic Festival

Garlic, Artichoke Hearts & Tomatoes

Cable Car

5 Meats


3 Meats

The 49er

Double Pepperoni


Ham & Pineapple


Pesto Chicken


Spinach Alfredo & 6 Cheeses

Golden Gate

Veggies & Cheese

Bay Bridge

Veggies with No Cheese

Something for Everyone


Full House

Choose any 4 specialty pizzas

-Jumbo Size Only-


Build Your Own

The Haight Ashbury


Prices shown are for Personal, Medium, Large, or JUMBO. Specialty sauces are charged as a topping.

Gluten Free pizzas are available.

Inquire for selection and pricing.


Ham – Hamburger – Pepperoni – Sausage

Garlic – Jalapeños – Mushrooms – Black Olives

Green Olives – Green Onions – Red Onions

Yellow Onions – Pepperoncini – Green Peppers

Pineapple – Baked Tomatoes – Fresh Tomatoes


Bacon – Chicken – Anchovies – Shrimp – Surimi Crab

Artichoke Hearts – Sun-Dried Tomatoes


(same price as a premium topping)

Alfredo – Spinach – BBQ – Ranch – Garlic – Pesto – Cajun


Whet Your Palette

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings with a side of Ranch

Spinach Alfredo Dip

With Artichokes

Garlic Bread

Butter and Garlic Powder

Cheese Bread

Golden Cheese Bread

Cheese Breadsticks

Don’t Forget Dipping Sauce


As Good As The Pizza… Almost

Garden Salad

Olives, Cheese, Mushrooms

Chef Salad

Peperoni, Ham, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Olives, & Cheese

Ceasar Salad

Parmesan, Toast, & Croutons

Chicken Ceasar Salad

Parmesan, Toast, & Croutons


End Your Meal The Right Way

Honey Butter Cinnamon

Brown Sugar

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

At Pier 49 Pizza, we have only one goal – to help you Fall in Love with Pizza Again! We do it by offering more Specialty Pizzas, more Specialty Sauces, a wider variety of ingredients, and by hiring the best people we can find.  We guarantee your experience will be a great one.  In fact if you don’t absolutely love your meal, or if your experience with Pier 49 is anything less than satisfactory, we promise to make it right, whatever it takes.